Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Introducing Tagg

Hello All!

I'm Tagg, a fairly new member of Titan Owners Club and the newest member of the TOC staff. You may have seen me  posting here in the comments on other Titans and soon making new posts themselves. The team was kind enough to think of me when they needed extra help, and I look forward to sharing my love of Titans with all the other Titan lovers out there and help grow the community. I know how exciting it was to see my own engines get posted online so I am excited to help get more lovely engines registered and fight some of them soon!

I've been in the hobby for over 10 years now, and I definitely can't seem to kick this resin addiction. I enjoy all aspects of the hobby, but I am mostly a builder at heart. Give me a pile of plasti-card, a bitz box, and a gallon of super glue and I'll build anything. I love to scrap together new terrain pieces or all manner of ork vehicles; I make it a point that none of my vehicles look the same, from trukks to my greatest construct, a Great Gargant. I like to read the books as well, and have knocked out the first 30 of the Horus Heresy series. Reading Mechanicum really got me interested in the Titans. My own Titan journey finally began late one night last year while browsing Ebay. I stumbled across a Lucius Warhound, in rough shape but whole and needing some love, and I couldn't say no. Fast forward; I am now the proud owner of three (3) Titans. Magna Tormentum : Mars Class Reaver (Reaver-AWOC-13), Oculus Aquilae : Lucius Warhound (Lucius-AWOC7), and the newly arrived Mars Warhound (Mars-5402). They belong to Legio Oberon; a Legio that had no details previously so I have made it into my own with a flaming sword banner and orange/black theme. They have both had a Walk but have yet to square off against an enemy Titan, so I cannot wait for my first Engine Kill! 

"Klaus" stands ready with a new paint job and base.

 "Mags" with her new weaponry. 

Newly arrived #5402 is ready for the Rite of Cleansing.

Legio Oberon stands ready to bring the Emperors justice

UV Glow. Tom Markham does wonders.

I'm a huge history buff as well, and was amazed at how many historical references there are in 40k; something I find fantastic. I love to read and chat about anything from the Bronze Age to World War 2. I'm routinely reading either a historical piece or a 40k book of some kind. Since I can't resist mixing history and 40k, I'm also working on a new force of Secutarii Hoplites to escort my God-Engines into combat. However they will be built up to look like a Macedonian Phalanx from antiquity with long sarissa pikes and I am really excited to start that project.

Mags is very excited as you can see. 

My primary army for 40k is my Death Korps of Krieg (see resin addiction :D). The 219th siege regiment, I love the models and they got me started down the path of Forge World. They were also a driving factor for getting the Lucius Warhound. Since Lucius provides Krieg with their equipment, couldn't pass that chance to sync my Legio with my primary 40k army! I also have a large Ork army complete with its own Stompa mob and Great Gargant. I also have a gargantuan squiggoth coming soon!

Keep an eye out for my name soon enough and I look forward to meeting some of you, and chatting with the rest of you on here!


  1. Great looking Engines Tagg and welcome onboard, the backlog of beloved Titans with your help will swell the ranks here at TOC. Great stuff

    1. Thanks Siph! Looking forward to adding more, and fight some of the soon :D

  2. Nice to find out some more about you Tagg! Love your titan weapons UV glow :)

    1. Thanks mate, me too! I'm working on figuring out how to do it on my own now. I have a green and orange glow to practice with before I actually paint a Titan myself :D

  3. Tagg, you're it!

    Sorry, not sorry. Had to do that. Welcome to the staff, man.

  4. Welcome Tagg. Great to have you. Death Korps rule!