Monday, 7 October 2019

Walk 2019: Northwest Regional Clash!

Our Princeps in the Northwest got together for the Northwest Regional Clash last weekend, here are some of the pictures we captured of the event. It was a small event but even so, we saw 2 Engine Kills with several other smaller vehicles, including the Gargantuan Squiggoth being torn apart by a Knight Banner of 
Legio Solis. Great event and a huge thanks to Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah Washington for hosting us!


Two Titan Legions square off for a titanic fight.

Legio Oberon with a detachment of Armigers and an Ork Stompa mob 

Hot Reaver on Reaver action

Reavers sporting their TOC swag!

Magna Tormenta ready to blow away the enemies of Man.

 Lux Perpetua looking mighty fierce!

The Orks were no match for the Knights

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