Sunday, 13 September 2015

Global Battlefield updated 12/09/2015

Titan Owners Club Global Battlefield has been updated.
North East Singapore has been secured by a Warlord in House Taranis colours.
Hampshire in the United Kingdom has had a full Vinceretti Maniple deployed in the pristine colours of Legio Astorum. They have announced themselves as of Demi Legio Emperor's Halo as they landed by HMS Victory. The locals are sleeping soundly tonight. 
Kent is the scene of a pitched Titan battle tonight with Legio Mortis' Hand of Ruin in open conflict with Invictus Ferrum of Legio Pantera. Many towns have been destroyed in the fallout of this conflict. 
An Engine in the Livery of Legio Defensor Ferrox has landed in Virginia USA near Cape Henry. It has begun a silent vigil and all attempts to contact the Princeps have been fruitless. It waits for foes.

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