Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Warlord Titan No172 - Lacrimis Funera, Legio Praetor

Certificate Number: 172
Titan Name: “Lacrimis Funera” (Aka Barohalf)
Pattern: Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord
Primary Armament: 2 x Mars Pattern Belicosa Volcano Cannons & 2 x Titan Laser Blasters.
Princeps: Kaeso Macrinius Luonercus
Titan Legio: Legio Praetor
Demi Legio: Battlegroup Alpha.
Battle Maniple Composition: Mars Pattern Warhound 2624 & Mars Pattern Reaver 878
Owner: David B
Location: Worcestershire, UK.
Comments:  Its name translates to “Deaths Tears”.

Legio Praetor motto - "Mortem et victoriam de longe." (Death and victory from



Hi all

Congratulations to David who has completed his Warlord Titan. Pics are below.

The Legio Walks

Mind that Rhino! So happy for David and his completion of his Engine. Also It was the first Engine we have followed throughout its development.

A victory Beer has been had!

The Purple and white panels are definitely in the correct configuration.

Work in Progress:

Its arm mounted weapons are attached with screws to allow removal and changing if so

The carapace mounted weapons are loose with guiding pins to allow removal and
changing if desired.

The head is mounted via a rod to allow removal and changing if desired.

The head has had the internal detail finished.

Silver head 

Detailed control panels and piping.

Leg plates Work in progress.

The Princeps. Uniform matches the armour plates.

Good Progress. Updated as of 04/09/2015

The armour plates have been painted and are getting closer to being glued on.

Updated 09/09/2015

Here is an update to Warlord Titan No172. 

Here are pics of undercoating. Based Halfords Matt black spray then "Ford Polaris" spray paint over it.

Really interested in this spray can. Can we have pictures of the tin and a closeup of the finish please TOC. 

Updated as of 10/09/2015. 

Here we have another update to Warlord No172.

Volcano Cannons are complete.

 Reaver Laser Blaster WIP

Belicosa Volcano Cannon without armour plating.

Updated as of 18/09/2015

Here we have an update to Warlord No172

Up to date as of 29/09/2015

A Vassal Knight has joined  Legio Praetor.

Hi all

Here is an update to Warlord Titan No 172



Very nice banding and trims.

Coming along well. Up to date 24/10/2015

Just before final completion the Princeps checks his mount.

Mars Alpha Head.

piping and duct shot,

Volcano cannon shot.

Void shield shot.


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  1. Man what a beautiful engine! Love the color scheme and particularly like the picture of all the engines of Praetor together!