Friday, 26 February 2016

Mars Warhound No4270 - Lelantos, Legio Fureans

Certificate Number: Mars Issue Certificate No. 4270
Titan Name: Lelantos (Greek Titan of Air and stalking prey)
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warhound Titan 
Primary Armament: Two Dual Turbos
Princeps: Princeps Kerasi
Titan Legio: Legio Fureans (Tigers Eyes)
Demi Legio: None
Battle Maniple Composition: 
Single Warhound (Currently) 

Owner: Ben G.
Location: Rugby, UK
Comments: Currently runs alongside a Alpha Legion and House Perdaxia force for Heresy, based on the forces at the Battle of Paramar


The beautiful Lelantos is finished.

A lovely well presented engine. With Twin-Turbo lasers, she is definitely a big game hunter.

A Lance of Imperial Knights and Skitarii

Congratulations to Ben for finishing his Titan. Also he has already had Lelantos out for her first Walk: She is finished and had her first match. Took out a decent chunk of eldar armored forces before getting sniped out by a lynx in its first match. Did a good account of itself.

Work in Progress:

A good start to this engine, and a Princeps ready to fight.

Titan Owners Club

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