Sunday, 14 February 2016

Walk After-Action Report -- Blood of Caldos, MWH3305




The Blood of Caldos, Mars manufactured Warhound class Titan, recently was engaged by the forces of Knight House Byzantium while on a routine patrol of her area.  Escorting our beloved child of the Machine was an aligned Knight of the Paladin configuration as well as a support team of Black Templars of the Adeputs Astartes.  Several engagements occured in a recent war zone upone which the Blood of Caldos was engaged.  However, this particular engagement being examined occurred against an Exalted Court of the seemingly rogue Knight House.

House Byzantium's forces consisted of the High King of the House and unit composition of the Court included a Knight each of the Paladin, Errant, Crusader, Gallant, and Warden classes.  Blood of Caldos is confirmed to have engaged these forces without a Titan Guard force, but firmly backed by the Adeptus Astartes and the allied Knight.  Let it be known to the Omnissiah that these additional forces willingly protected Blood of Caldos and acted as a screen for both her protection and to keep the enemy preoccupied.

The Blood of Caldos possesses and armament of two double-barrled Turbo Lasers and used them to maximum effect.  As her weapons spoke of a holy devotion to the Omnissiah, she claimed a kill of the treacherous Knights by obliterating the Knight Errant.  Her cries thundered down the battlefield as first blood and glory was to be claimed by her Legio.  However, even the Princeps was aware of the fortuitous nature of the battlefield as the Titan's Knight assistance proved to be the God-Machine's salvation.  The reaper chainblade of her allied Knight tore a member of the Exalted Court of House Byzantium asunder.

All around, the members of the Black Templars fought with a righteous zeal and took the fights to House Byzantium, gallantly fighting on and even wounding the treacherous machine.  Blood of Caldos herself claimed a kill on one of the "wounded" Knights of Byzantium.  The fierce fighting continued and Blood of Caldos herself claimed the kill on the High King.  As her moderatii assisted the Princeps in target alignment, a thrill of anticipation was registered in the Manifold of the God-Machine, and the Princeps allowed this to feed into his mind.  Perhaps it was this thrill that made the events unfold the way they did, but two of the shots of Blood of Caldos completely ripped through the shield of the Knight and gutted the insides of the machine, leaving nothing but a smoking hole.

The morale of the Knights broken utterly by the death of their leader, the final Knight of Byzantium's High Court sought to salvage anything possible from the fight, but paid for his temerity, dying to the Titan's guns just as the High King had.

Blood of Caldos experienced a 100% efficiency rating in combat, and experienced only minor structural damage.  Praise be to the Omnissiah!



Thank you for sharing her walk with us.  We look forward to seeing more of Blood of Caldos and her efforts.  It's good to see one of the Titans here not only "in the field" but being enjoyed and performing well.  - T.O.C.

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