Sunday, 3 April 2016

Update Reaver No1855 - Bellator Ferum, 3/4/16

Col. Hertford recently passed some good news along to us about his Reaver Titan:

Work contiunes on Bellator Ferum with mixed results.  First the positives;  The main body, carapace weapon and reaver laser blaster are going strong.  I've laid down the camo and have started trim and metal bits work.  The internal parts and rear torso section are cleaned and assembled and await undercoating.

Now the less positive; I now believe the power fist has a cursed machine spirit, which has caused it to become detached three times causing damage each time.  I've not give up on this weapon as yet, but patience is wearing thin.

I had all kinds of problems with the head with shiny resin.  I even used a ultrasonic water bath to no avail.  Finally in dispair contacted FW, they advised me to scrub in a product called swafega under hot water (as hot as you can stand).  I then sprayed a couple of coats of dullcote Matt varnish.  Voila it was fixed.  I've since done this on similar issues on a knight with great results.

Update Pictures:

A very stubborn head unit for paint.

This material allowed the head unit to be properly cleaned and painted.

The stubborn power fist

The head unit looks really good after all that hard work

Nearing completion.

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  1. Looks great, love the camouflage. Swarfega is great as a degreaser.