Monday, 27 June 2016

Titan Legio Secutarii are previewed

Brilliant news for those out there who think their Titan Battle Maniple needs some foot soldiers keeping those Melta Bombs etc away (or fear that your Princeps and Titan may be captured if it falls over), Forge World are showing off their Secutarii. 

Hopefully we will be able to see a list for these as Titan Guard in the next Horus Heresy Black book, where Legio Mortis walks with the Vlka Fenryka. 

Titan Owners Club. 


  1. These guys look awesome, definitely keen to add them to my ranks of Skitarii Titan Guard!

  2. Definitely will be getting some of these dudes.

  3. They can't come soon enough!!!!

  4. I'm running out of organs to sell

    1. Princeps Wright, until you are 75% artificial, the Ominissiah decrees that you have not indeed run out of organs to sell. Proceed with the will of the Machine God. Acquire Secutarii protection for the Titans. The Machine shall watch you and protect you. ;)