Thursday, 23 June 2016

Update Reaver No1843- Glory Rekindled, 23-6-16

Nic's Reaver Titan has recently received a name, the venerable Reaver getting the name Glory Rekindled.

We also received images from him on the progress of his Reaver as well and you can follow the progress here:


Washing complete.

The start of the head unit.

Getting primed for the Rites of Colors.

Working on the internals and the hard-wired servitors.

The armor panels are coming to life, and some custom made epaulets have been added.

Beautiful work on the carapace.


  1. Loving the patterns on the armor plates, very striking. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Beautiful work and I love the name! Is there any chance that Corona Muralis is one of yours as well? The deep-space design on the hull is kind of unmistakeable !

    1. They are the same owner, you are correct, Dan.

    2. I sure am. Thanks for the compliments guys! I'll send Shadow and the team the first 'completed' shots tonight, although in time I plan to do a pair of banners and a base for Glory ReKindled with some electrics. In the mean time though, The Audax Redemptor maniple Pilum Martius will be facing down some Rival titans on 09 Jul, who I will try to recruit to the blog.

    3. Nice! The more the merrier!

    4. They'll definitely be welcome here. And hope that first walk goes well.

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    6. Well, a change in my opponent's work plans left me high and dry for Titan class opponents on the 9th, and rather unfortunately I was instead paired with a very tough Space Wolf list that focussed on Drop Pods, Deep Strike Terminators and a minimalist long range element at his own table edge. It was a rough two turns for my Titans, and turn three was a final act of defiance by the ragged remnants of my Ad Mech Titan guard... But I'll send this battle report and one other over your way for a different post, Shadow.