Friday, 29 July 2016

Mars Warhound No2764 - Canticum Malitiae, Legio Mortis

Titan Name: Canticum Malitiae (Song of Malice)
Status: WIP
Pattern: Mars
Primary Armament: 1 Vulcan Mega Bolter, 1 Turbo Laser 
Princeps: Cavos Forentii.
Titan Legio: Legio Mortis
Maniple Composition: Warlord Titan No58, Warhound Titan No2764. 

Owner: Drake Seta
Location: Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Comments: Hi all here is my Warhound Titan Canticum Malitiae
Canticum Malitiae is the Ying to Seething Hunter's Yang. A patient hunter, ready and prepared to stalk her prey to the end of the world. She will shred the voids of their target whilst Seething Hunter belligerently goes for the throat and hounds the victim. 


 Canticum Malitiae and Seething Hunter

 Canticum Malitiae is shield stripper and gut puncher with her armament

The Banner I am incredibly happy with, as mentioned before, join Titan Owners Club and register a Mortis engine and I would be happy to get a banner made up for you.

Work in Progress:

I have got Seething Hunter and Canticum Malitiae to the same stage now. I am following the same guide that I put together for my Warlord Titan Bone Garland (No58).

I am planning on going base free. Bit of a gamble I know so lets see how successful I am.

Update 25/09/2016. 

I have been working hard on my Two Warhounds recently and so I thought I would post an update for Canticum Malitiae. 

Legs were sprayed with Leadbelcher spray over chaos Black. 

Tamiya Brass was used for all of the banding. Mithril Silver was used for the Pistons too. I painted Warplock on the hydraulic housings which were then drybrushed up with Runelord Brass. 

Seething Hunter with Canticum Malitiae. 

I sprayed the whole Torso Chaos Black then went up to Leadbelcher (taking care to mask the rear generator panels so they stay black for now. 

I also masked up the left shin pad. Looking at Betrayal, it seems that the markings are pack markings for the three Warhounds in the Maniple. So I decided to do them all the same with up turned V markings. I believe the Pack in Betrayal have straight Diagonal markings so wanted to differentiate my Engines from those. 

Both Engines have had the under paint rust cracked effect added, so not long until they are sprayed with reds.

Update 13/07/2017

So I decided Canticum Malitiae will now have a red chassis and a black head. I had sprayed the reds as per my Bone Garland colour scheme. I wanted to seal the transfers in in preparation for the next stage which involves white spirits and floor polish so I painted the red area ard' coat first and then added the transfer. I then did several light thin covers of Lahmian Medium to seal it down, being careful not to flood it as it would add a misty effect which I really did not want.

I then sealed it will testors Dulcote and tried as hard as possible to show the Ard coat brush strokes in the photo above. As you can see it is really hard to spot.

Weapons were all prepared.

I prepared some white and black chevron transfers using white transfer paper. This was a big mistake. In the future I will spray the area white and add clear transfers which are far more forgiving when there is a slight scratch etc.

I then sprayed each panel with Klear then added my oil paint mixture which was then buffed off (see WLT58 Bone Garland for step by step guide on this technique).

I tried out the White Head again but have since decided that the black head unit is better fit to Canticum Malitiae. Also I used strips of white transfer paper to do the white stripes on the rear engine units.

I then Airbrushed Heat damage onto the Turbo Laser barrels.

Here is the vent and top of the Engine. You can hopefully see how effective the oil rub and buff off is with this pic.

Not too much further with the girl now!

Status WIP:


  1. Nice start! Really looking good so far! I wondered if you would ever get back to Seething Hunter - good to see the progress on that engine as well! I have had no issues without a base for my hound so far, but now and then I think about making one just for the opportunity to do some extra work on it - a really nicely done base adds a lot to the model.