Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Update Reaver No1812- Imperio Cruentissiumus, 20-7-16

Jonathan recently had some wonderful new to share with the Titan Owners Club:

"Great news, the externals of Imperio Cruentissimus are complete. I put a lot of time in to get to this point and I hope it shows.

I have decided to make Glacius a splinter force of Legio Mortis seperated shortly after the Heresy, but operating off of an arctic corrupted forge world. They bear ancient Mortis icongraphy mixed with new Demi Legion colors to represent their hellforge.

I am currently working on the supporting Skitarii legions of the Dark Mechanicus and my first Warhound Titan arrived last week and is awaiting construction. 

Working on this model has been incredibly important to me. It's been a long standing wish project to have a Titan, having collected Chaos for close to 20 years. I took the plunge this year after a great tragedy of losing a loved one and the work has been extremely cathartic. 

More updates to come whenever the Titan crew are complete or when Cruentissimus has its first Walk."


Well done carapace weapon.

The wonderful gradient chosen for the paint scheme translates really well to this weapon.

Their splintered nature from Mortis shows really well in both paint scheme and iconography.

A very subtle way to show allegiance but not dominate the look.

Very beautiful work on the eye.

A fearsome visage and loving the eye lenses.

From the back, you can see how the silvers and whites will help give some cover from snow blinded enemies.

Imperio Cruentissiumus stands ready for war.

And she will not stand alone.

Very well done!  Most impressive.  (TOC)


  1. Great job! Really like that blue to white. And the eye keeps staring at me!

  2. Great stuff, love the paint scheme and eye!

  3. How'd you do the head's lenses?

    1. Nothing complicated, I just cut them to size using the clear plastic sheet provided, did an even layer of Tamiya clear yellow on one side and glued them in.

    2. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. That will probably play really well against the internals once you have them completed.

  4. Looking good man. I particularly like the great withering eye. That's really nicely done. Bravo on the original color scheme! I also really like your fluff!