Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Update Warlord No.212- Ira Deorum, 6-9-16

Nathanuel sent on some great information to use regarding Ira Deorum as the final touches have been applied.

"Hi TOC, Drake,

At long last, Ira deorum is table ready. I may do some more weathering work, but all in all I'm very happy with how the warlord looks. She will walk in the coming weeks.

I'm sending along the last few pictures that highlight some of the finishing touches. Lots of fine detail work added all over. I will soon have a photographer friend take some higher quality pics, but for now here's the last update for Ira deorum.

On to Victor Mortis!



Ira Deorum stands tall and proud, ready to bring ruin to the foe.

The Princeps and Moderatii prepare for the Walk to come.  Well executed internals.

Lovely chain adornments for the Titan to serve as the banner.

The Titan Guard of the Legio Phasmatis mean business.

Is this not a beauty and majestic to behold?

All of the hard work and seemingly random colors at times have come together to make a cohesive and beautiful looking God-Engine.

Even without the Titan Guard this Titan won't need to fear many things.

Absolutely amazing and stunning engine.  Great work! - TOC


  1. This floors me. Truly a work of art in every way. Seeing two like this will be sublime. Fantastic job, sir.

  2. best titan ever...

    Until his brother comes along...

  3. Every single aspect and element of this Engine is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

  4. Awesome to behold! May she smash her foes!

  5. Also, I seem to recall at one point that you were going to publish some of the details for how you made this beauty. I would still dearly love to see that!

  6. The tutorials and painting guides are coming up. Soon everyone can start painting titans to join Legio Phasmatis!

    1. The paint scheme and the attention to detail that you've lavished upon the design you've created are jaw dropping and inspiring. I often show off Ira Deorum as one of the first two Titans I show anyone who looks at TOC.