Thursday, 1 September 2016

Walk After-Action Report - Helios Iapetus, WLT241






My combat data and memories from the recent engagement are in the upload, sent via Helios Iapetus' Manifold connection.


Princeps Castor reporting.  Combat operations are a go and I am beginning the log.  Moderatii report full operation of the Warlord Titan ready for engagement.  It is with regret that I report the situation to be so dire that the Titan has been deployed without the majority of its armor plating, but such is the need for the Titan that the Mechanicus has deemed it a necessary risk.  Helios Iapetus growls, its spirit ready for the action.  I must reign it in, for our role is only that of a world burner, clearing the way for allied forces to engage the enemy.

The Titan Guard scurry below the venerable Warlord's feet, ready to keep the enemy at bay and the Titan from being boarded.  Omnissiah knows it will be needed with the missing armor plating, but I know they will do their job admirably.  I take full stock of the battlefield, an alliance of xenos, including Tau and Tyranids, and what are supposed to be loyal Adeptus Astartes arrayed against me.  Surely trickery must be at play, or some xenos corruption of those Astartes, but there is no question in my mind that this is what would be classified in Imperial nomenclature as an Apocalypse level battle.

At the beginning of the battle, the Titan Guard were able to dispatch four of the loathsome Tau battlesuits who dropped in from orbit a little to close for comfort.  Such firepower could harm a weakened Titan and so my previous comments of my Titan Guard were indeed prophetic. The Titan Guard irradiated the little blue bastards, keeping Helios safe and free. I was able to turn the attention of the Warlord to a group of supposed Space Wolves standing on a hill. The Moderatii assisted me in gaining targeting solutions on Helios' weapons and I squeezed my fingers in approximation of pulling a trigger, reaching out and burning 30 down to ash as well as a Rhino. The Tau peppered the frame of the mighty Warlord, its spirit growling at me in anger at the injustice heaped upon it and I knew that the buildings they were hiding in would have to be destroyed and their pitiful xenos lives snuff out with the buildings.

The Tau continued to bring in reinforcements, the heaviest of their number; Riptides, more battlesuits, and a Stormsurge.  To bring one of their newest and among their heaviest of assets screamed of a desperation against my might.  I was a god on the battlefield, and they dared to fire at me.  I could feel the Titan pushing into my mind and I realized that I began to fall into the trap of thinking I was the mighty Titan in its full state and not as the Princeps.  I had to reign it back in. In time, I did, and all of the threats in front of me and the Warlord needed to be removed.  Helios saw to it in glorious fashion, turning them to naught but dust upon the wind.   To sweeten the count, more of the seemingly traitorous Space Wolves and a Land Raider were melted to slag.

In their final act of desperation the Tau brought out their newest and deadliest creation, a Supremency Suit as it was codified, dared to remove two of the Titan's void shields.  Barking orders to the Moderatii I ensured that targeting solutions would remove the Supremency Suit from its sad xenos existence.  I must admit I took pleasure in eliminating something designed to kill Helios Iapetus as the foul Tau beast became nothing more than a crumbling heap under the might of my brain and Helios' guns.   I then removed a walled fortification which saw the death of some Tyranids, my first engagement against them of the battle, and was able to turn a Mawloc into mush with point-blank defense weapons. It was when the battle began to fade as our forces crushed the enemy that all of the void shields that has previously collapsed were finally able to be restored.  Six had failed during the battle, and now all were back in working order.  Given the Titan's less than ideal state due to the missing armor, we stood silent sentinel while the rest of our allies chased down the foe, ending them for good.



The head unit before being fitted and ready for battle.

The original Tau strike team met with disaster trying to attack the Titan so closely.

Exposed, but still formidable.

None stand before the might of the Warlord and live.


Congratulations on a successful Walk - TOC