Monday, 10 October 2016

Warlord Titan No418 - Celestial Wrath, TBA

Certificate Number: 418
Titan Name: Celestial Wrath
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha 
Primary Armament: Belicosa pattern Volcano cannon, Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, triple-barrelled laser blasters x2
Princeps: TBA
Titan Legio: TBA

Owner: Robert
Location: Utah, USA
Comments: Painter scheduled Oct-Nov 2016


The Warlord stands tall and proud, ready to fight.

Alternate views of the battle Titan ready for war.

Very lovely head and heraldry work.

The back of the mighty war engine was as well painted as the front.

An excellent war engine.  Well done!


The ever daunting, but always fun task of a pile of Forge World resin.

A great pose as the Titan looks for its next victim.

The Warlord stands ready for the Rite of Colors and ready for war as well.

Lovely start to the engine - TOC


  1. Looking forward to seeing the "Rite of Colors" (Very cool by the way). I do like the mix of weapons. I was worried how it would look, not so worried anymore.

  2. I forget where I stole that from, and I don't think it was Rite of Colors in that specific wording, but it seemed to fit with the work that Robert has done so far. I very much like what he's done with this Warlord. And I have to agree that this loadout looks very appealing in terms of look (versatility as well). So far, this is what I was leaning towards on my own Warlord if the day ever comes and this Titan has helped to seal that deal.

  3. Rite of Colours fits awesome, from now on its no longer painting, I'm administrating the Rite of Colours. Awesome to see so many Warlords, FW shifted 400 odd already! I'm going with the same armaments, great stuff.

    1. It bugged me bad enough to look for it. The Titan here ( is where I stole the term from and modified it since they sent in small descriptions for their own pics on that Titan. To say the least, TOC members are quite inventive. And yeah, I was thinking about that number. 418 is pretty impressive thus far. I'd say it's become a popular FW item.

  4. Nice! Standing tall and like the other folks it's good to see the mix of weapons!

  5. very cool, looks great! I really like the weapon combo too. As useful as the volcano cannon is for gaming, it's fun to see more combos (and I'm sure they will deal just as much death and destruction).

  6. The Princeps of that titan is a brony.