Friday, 4 November 2016

Behind the Scenes- State of the Legios

This article isn't anything near as serious as the title would suggest, or at least that's what I hope is going through your minds.

Months back, Drake and I gave you guys a preview into some of the behind the scenes here at Titan Owners Club and even some statistics that we thought you guys might take pleasure in.  What I'll clue you in on today is that two special projects have been going on behind the scenes yet again, one of which should hopefully be revealed in a later article down the road.  The one I can reveal (and has loosely been revealed in the past) is the existence of a database of the Titans.  

What is it?  What do you have in it?  Do I need to provide anything to TOC?

1.) It's a database of EVERY Titan on the site.
2.) It contains the information on the Titan's class, pattern, name, location, owner, support, status, and registration status.  No personal information (beyond the provided name already on site) is included, meaning that everyone's information is safe. {Note, email may be added later on, but this feature currently doesn't exist and would only be used for TOC purposes}
3.) No, since we take care of everything when a Titan is registered.

What does it look like?

Why do you have it?

Titan Owners Club strives to be the premier group of Titan owners by showing the dedication, prowess, creativity, and fun of its members.  In short, this is a way of organizing potential future activities, map making data, statistics, and much more besides.  When coupled with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) it makes things like the Global Battlefield a richer experience (and much easier on Drake and I to do as we are both GIS proficient), shows all aspects of who we are as TOC members, and can even help connect members by their location.  The best part is that this doesn't cost a thing, either.  It's all done in Microsoft Access and requires about two minutes of manpower.  Another "best" part, the query codes written into the files mean that our statistics automatically update and Drake and I can call up the data we need at a moment's notice in terms of certain questions, which means I can pose a few to you for fun.  Hopefully this shows the diversity of what TOC has accomplished.

Q: Without looking through the site and using any search features, what is the Legio on the site with the most registered Titans and how many does it possess at this time?

Q: How many Titans are registered in Australia, and where does it rank in the number of total Titans by country?

Q: How many completed Titans are on TOC?

There are no penalties for being wrong and indeed it's going to be tough to know these answers without doing the searches, which is why we have such a cool toy now.  I hope that this results in something that will benefit everyone in the long run and also helps to really display just how diverse we are in TOC.

Drake and I listen where we can and are always looking at new things for TOC.  I have a new feature of my own coming up once my work schedule allows me to do more reading again (likely around Christmas), Collegia Titanica is also on the books still, and Drake has been coming up with some new things as well.  Until then, good luck with the "quiz" and I look forward to revealing the answers soon.

Shadow and Drake


  1. Ooooo a trivia!

    You're right though - getting the answers right now involves quite a bit of work. Cool to see this!

  2. 1.) Legio Astorum has the most Titans, with 18 currently on site. Mortis is in second with 13.

    2.) Australia is in 5th, with 7 registered Titans.

    3.) There are 123 total Titans, of which 63 (51%) are complete.

    1. Nice! It's just cool to be able to see this stuff.