Saturday, 26 November 2016

Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord Head Unboxing

Today, Titan Owners Club brings you something new because we've been blessed with a little bit of luck.  We're bringing you an unboxing (and in later articles, build) of the Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord head.

The head comes in its own seperate white box, and includes an instruction guide to assist in the build.  The Mars-Alpha Warlord head from Forge World retails at 60 GBP.

Inside of the box are two bags and the instruction booklet.  The second, smaller, bag contains the Princeps in chair, Princeps on foot, and two Moderatii.  The larger bag contains the smaller bag as well as the remaining parts.

The main cockpit is made of four parts, the floor, side walls, and rear hatch.  The head carapace is a single piece that fits over the assembled cockpit.

The Warlord heraldry shields come in the head kit.

The Titan's crew is placed on gates with solid connections so that they do not break away and suffer damage in transit.  They are easy to remove and clean.  The cables for the head are also provided in the head kit and are already pre-shaped.

The faceplate comes in two pieces.

The parts clean very easily and the way they are cast, it is easy to remove the gates.  The head, as can be expected with new molds, has very few casting issues.  Mold lines were minimal, mold slip was undetected, and the release agent was easily cleaned from the parts.  Warping was not an issue in this kit due to the thickness of the parts.  

The medieval knight feel of the head is evident from the moment that you start to look at the pieces, but the feel of it being a Titan from Forge World permeates the parts, blending the two feels easily.  While expensive, the cast is of extremely high quality and the detail is amazing.  Modelers that don't take the efforts to magnetize this kit will lose out on a lot of detail because the entirety of the head has sculpted elements to it.

Later on we'll look into the build of the kit and magnetization of it.

Would you like to see more articles like this in the future?  Do you have any questions regarding the Mars-Alpha Warlord head?  Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

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  1. Replies
    1. TOC is not responbile for drool damaged keyboards and cogitators, Princeps. However, your query is noted.

    2. Not to worry I've used my MIU to extend the holy moisture trap that's there in case massive neural feedback throws me into convulsions.

      It bothers me a great deal when the Moderatii disrespect the machine spirit by referring to the Princeps moisture trap as "big P's drool cup."

      At least it stops the command throne from sparking.

  2. Very cool, I like the unboxing feature as I think it is another great opportunity to add resources to assist our community and spark discussion on building tips. well done!

    1. Thank you for the input. We'll look into thst going forward. I can do Secutarii Hoplites later on.