Friday, 23 December 2016

Titanguard Festival, Part 2

More Titans have joined the Festival, seeking to guard their masters' possessions and holiday spirit.  Who else joined the Festival?  And make sure to come back tomorrow for the reveal of the Titanguard Festival collage.

You shall wait until Christmas! None shall get through me! (Viduus means business - TOC)

A pict-capture of the Legio Crucius Warhound Aedifex Perditae during its watch over the Emperor’s Ascension Day Tree, a traditional vigil held before the people’s offerings are laid at the Tree’s stem in thanks.

Disastron (Corrosius) lives in the present(s)! 

Bellator Ferrum (1855) joins the festivities after slaying dangerous mega fauna.

A big thanks to all that took part in the Titanguard Festival and may your engines see many a gift unwrapped under their watchful gaze and many a foe blasted apart afterwards.

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