Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Update Reaver Titan No.1901 - Flame of Ruin, 27-12-16

Kim has been working hard of Flame of Ruin and the two Warhounds.

Work in progress update 27/12/2016:

I think the detail on the chains is awesome.

Great Metallic colours

 I am really impressed with the flames. Were they done free hand or with stencil?

Great weathering and a fantastic paint job.

Completed Pics
Beautiful Engines. A great looking Maniple (begging for a Warlord now)

Here are some battle pictures:

All three of Kim's titans were ready for the 17th of December for the Avarii Cluster phase IV. 

Titans, Word Bearers, Daemons and World Eaters Vs Raven guard, iron Hands + Knights, Salamanders + Knights and Dark Angels

12k a side apocalypse battle that will round up the Avarii Cluster Campaign.


  1. Looking fantastic man. The flames are awesome, and I love the chains and the bits dangling from them. Awesome work.

    1. Thx! :) its an Ultramarine representing when the firemasters did their betreyal at Calth :)

  2. Love the flames! I'm thinking about doing some on my Warlord using a stencil.

    1. Thx! I cocked it up a bit, and will redo the whole thing. I used Fallouthobbies stencils, real ace stuff!