Friday, 27 January 2017

WLT444- Triple Force Campaign Involvement

Most days Titan Owners Club brings you the goodies of Titans and their Walks as well as some other features.  Anders, the owner of Triple Force, brings word of a campaign he's been in and the involvement (and birth of) his Warlord Titan.  Here's what he sent us:

Here's the background files for our Beluga 61 campaign, attached and by the following links:
The two Necis Omnium pictures is from our first apocalypse match, set on Beluga 61, concluding phase 1 of the campaign.

A map with the fraction standings was created, . 
  • see Beluga Part II - fraction territorries map
    • slide one is Beluga 61
      • containging the aftermath text of the apocalypse match
      • Red is Liberation front, Yellow is separatists, Blue (publicanus) and Green(locals) is loyalists. Purple is Xenos.. 
    • slide two is N1F1He1-1000 (the former Niflheim planet, now adrift towards Beluga 61)
      • green is orks

The entire planet engulfed in war makes for a large Apocalypse game.

Beluga Part II contains the background for phase two of the campaign, the phase we are currently in:

It was post chapter 2 that the orders to reassemble Triple Force was given:

## Beluga 61 - the giant assembly ##
Dismantled into pieces and scattered between the districts of Beluga 61, the rumors has it, a Mars Pattern Warlord Titan lies burried in safe guarded location accross the lands.
As the Leviathan "Necis Omnium" is captured by the Liberation front, the assembly of the Titan has been sanctioned by the Loyalists to secure or destroy the Leviathan...
Only time will tell if they succeed..


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  1. This looks like a blast, and it's awesome to be able to play out a narrative to bring your god machine into existence. Good luck!