Friday, 3 February 2017

Enter the Psi-Titan! Warlord-Sinister Pattern Unleashed

The tread of a Warlord Titan on a tabletop for 40k or 30k is enough to send fear and terror into the heart of many a gamer.  They are monstrous behemoths that easily annihilate units with ease in the sickening way that you hear of in the stories that comprise the fluff of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  Short of the Imperator class Titans how can it possibly get any worse!? 

Make that Warlord as Psyker and give it extra rules.

The current king of Forge World kits received an upgrade today in the form of new rules for Psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister.  You can see their original fluff here.  As you can see, things are going to be different for the Ordo Sinister going forward as they will now include Warlord class Titans among their ranks and now boast a psychic presence.  Surely this should make them live up to their name.

An upfront disclosure is that while Titan Owners Club does have the rules in hand (from the early release copies of Horus Heresy Book VII: Inferno at Horus Heresy Weekender 2017), we cannot give full and exacting details without running afoul of copyright laws and infringement.  We can only give you generic descriptions of things so that you know about what will soon grace the tables.

First thing that many are probably asking is, what's different?  Is it just a Warlord with psychic powers?  The answer is no.  The Psi-Titans of the Warlord class do retain all of the rules and stats of a regular Warlord Titan, but have an increased cost, additional rules, and a special weapon all their own.

First thing is the cost, a Warlord-Sinister comes in at approximately the cost of 4.6 Warhound Titans once rounding is factored in.  That definitely means that this version of the Warlord is more expensive than its standard counterpart.  So, what do you get for this increased cost?

The Warlord-Sinister continues to mount the Belicosa Volcano Cannon on one arm, with the options to swap it out for all of the usual options.  It also continues to sport two carapace-mounted Apocalypse Missile Launchers that can be swapped out for all of the usual choices.  The Warlord-Sinister still includes the mauler bolt cannons and rear twin-linked lascannons.   

However, the Warlord-Sinister will always have one arm with a Sinistramanus Tenebrae.  This vile piece of work is a gun that throws out an Apocalyptic Mega Blast that has a very long range (10 feet) that is high strength and very powerful on the AP.  It's guaranteed to crack power armor every time and will often roll on the Destroyer Table.  It comes with additional rules that will make wounding easy even when it's highest strength is used.  No unit in the game will be safe around it, and even Primarchs and Titans will fear it.

On to the rules, where the Warlord-Sinister picks up Shroud of Terror.  This nifty rule ensures that the Titan won't suffer terribly against even the strongest and bravest of opponents.  This rule acts as an oppressive aura the impacts the leaderships of nearby units and those that wish to attack it.  Units the fail this test will find themselves even further away from the Titan than where they started.  The only other rule that the Warlord-Sinister picks up over a standard Warlord Titan is The Ciricrux Anima, which is listed as a Wargear item.

The anima grants the Warlord-Sinister the Psychic Pilot special rule and Mastery Level 3.  This means that the god-engine will be a formidable foe in any psychic exchange and will have powerful abilities to call upon.  The Warlord-Sinister is limited to three particular abilities, and they briefly are:

  • A nova power with a very wide radius that is great for dealing with infantry closing in against it.
  • An ability that grants the Warlord-Sinister repair properties.
  • A witchfire that targets points upon the battlefield and envelop it in an eldritch storm of fury that damages vehicles and living targets with ease.
The more powerful and advantageous these powers are, the more they cost, but it makes the Psi-Titan a very fearsome foe that gives it more weapons than the guns alone would say that it has.  The Warlord-Sinister has a very high chance to live up to its name on any battlefield that it visits.  Tell us what you think below about this new unit and what it will mean for you.



  1. I wouldnt be me if i didnt include this.
    So i am getting the conversion kit once it arrives.

  2. I can't find a copy of Horus Heresy Book VII:Inferno anywhere. GW is currently out of stock and it's nowhere else online I can find. Anyone know where one may perchance locate a copy?