Thursday, 23 February 2017

Update WLT449 - Ghost of Harakoni, 23-2-17. Completed

Hi fellow Princeps

Congratulations to Kasper on completing his Warlord Titan Ghost of Harakoni. He has had his listing updated to now have the Completed label, but best of all; he can now fight the foes of the Imperium in style!


Introducing the Ghost of Harakoni

A regal looking engine, festooned with pennants.  

A great pose.

Well done. A great looking Engine all round. Well presented and tastefully done.


  1. Amazing job, great scheme and arm armaments too. Love those shin stripes, very reminiscent of the Forge World scheme.

  2. Looks really really good. Great job 👍

  3. I LOVE the banners hanging from the arms and the checks on the shield must have been a hassle, but came out great. Looks fantastic man! Overall really nice work!

    1. Actually. The checks was easy :D a company make chess pattern stencils for airbrush and one of them is shield shaped ;) took me less then 30 seconds :D

    2. You don't happen to have a link to that company now do you?

    3. I bought them from wayland games :)

  4. Thanks for all the awesome comments guys!

    Ghost is going to his first battle next weekend alongside his brothers in a 50000 point apocalypse game!

    Also the banners where made by Michael Swartz, from "Above standards".
    Go check his facebook page out, it is simply amazing!

    Thanks for all who have followed my progress on my warlord, and thank you for all your sweet comments!
    It is really appreciated :)