Thursday, 2 February 2017

Warlord Titan No.277 - Sol Furias, Legio Crucius

Certificate Number: 277
Titan Name: Sol Furias
Pattern:  Mars Pattern Warlord Titan
Head Unit:  Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament:  2x Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, 2x Laser Blaster
Princeps: Valerian Aurelius
Titan Legio: Legio Crucius
Battle Maniple Composition: 2 other Warlords and 2 Reaver are planned over the next years^^ (Swing big! - TOC)

Owner: Benny R.
Location: Saxonia, Germany
Comments: Hi guys, I just want to show you my Warlord Titan Sol Furias. Over the last 7 months I built up the Titan. I'm not the best painter, but I'm very happy with the result.  Sol Furias is part of the sixth demi legio "Ferrata Victrix", named after an old Legion which fought on ancient Terra. She fought over a millennia for the Forge World of Ryza. After the reuinification through the Emperor and Mars, the sixth demi legio took part of the Great Crusade before the Horus Heresy. Sol Furias was destroyed in the battle of Molech during the Horus Heresy. On her last mission she charged one of the many drop zones of the Sons of Horus to buy the defenders more time. After hours of fighting, an orbital strike destroyed her eventually. These are the last pictures of Sol Furias in the battle of Molech.



Plenty of attention to detail, and the weathering is quite well done.

The lenses stand out against the Crucius colors without overpowering them.

Plenty of care was taken during final construction to make sure everything fit.

The traitors pay dearly as the god-engine walks amongst them.

The weapons have been very well done and the plasma coils glow with fury.

The treacherous Sons of Horus stand little chance against such a vengeful foe.

A proud engine fighting for the Emperor.


The start of the long journey.

Magnet, pins, and nails!  The Omnissiah would be proud.

Lovely work on the hatches, and the decals are well placed.

The beginnings of the base take shape.

A lot of time and effort went into basing.

MAGNETS!  Need big ones to hold big guns.

Barely controlled power thrums through the weapon.

Excellent work- TOC


  1. Lovely work mate, nice Plasma guns. The blue glow pops out amongst the black and white scheme

  2. Great job mate. Nice to see another loyalist Titan so well done.

  3. Excellent work magos Benny!

    Ave imperator!
    Ave Legio Crucius!