Friday, 24 March 2017

Warlord Titan No.429- Phoenix Surgere, Legio Invicta

Certificate Number: 429
Titan Name: Phoenix Surgere (Phoenix Rising)
Pattern:  Mars pattern
Head Unit:  Lucius-Alpha Pattern
Primary Armament:  Belicosa Volcano cannon, Sunfury plasma annihilator, Apocalypse missile launchers, (shoulder laser blasters, Arioch power claw under construction for situational refitting)
Princeps: Princeps Marko Ramius
Titan Legio: Legio Invicta
Battle Maniple Composition: Destroyed during execution K494103 prosecuting the engines of the arch enemy on the forge world of Orestes. Awaiting reinforcements

Owner: Jason O.
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Comments: Under construction: Pictures documenting build here:

Currently receiving rite of colors after undergoing full refit. The god engine will walk upon the NOVA Open 2017


The lovely big boxes, signs of a new Warlord.

The ton of parts that become the might engine.

Even more parts!

Progress comes quickly...and with JB Weld

Gravity and other forces stand no chance against the clamps of the Mechanicus.

One of the Adeptus Astartes helps to keep the Titan safe while under construction.

The legs are certainly going to be held in place while curing.

Inventive use of pins to create a good look and add stability.

The Titan with its pants on.

A unique base for this Titan and a Wraithknight crushed underfoot.

War will come soon!

Great job so far! - TOC


  1. fantastic step by step! (no pun intended) this engine is looking quite lovely already! cant wait for your next update!

  2. Looking good so far man! I am eager to see more!

  3. Wild, I'm in RI as well and my Warlord will walk in the 30k events at NOVA 2017. Watching with interest...

    1. Nice! I'm already signed up for the big blam and one of the glowpocalypses for the warlord. Doing 30k doubles and escalation with my mechanicum

    2. Looking forward to meeting you, the Big Blam is my event! About half of the 30k Team for Adepticon and NOVA are from RI. I also did late night Glowpocalypse, it's a good time. Be ready to eat a lot of Girl Scout cookies.