Thursday, 27 April 2017

Eldar Phantom Titan 1

Certificate Number: n/a
Titan Name: TBN
Pattern: n/a
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: Phantom D-Bombard and Phantom Pulsar
Princeps: n/a
Titan Legio: Craftworld Biel Tan
Battle Maniple Composition: Eldar Phantom Titan, 2 Eldar Revenant Titans

Owner: Gavin B.
 West Midlands, UK

Comments: "The titans where showcased along with my Eldar army in the first edition of the new format White Dwarf (September 2016) {I remember them: Drake}. Revenant titans were bought in September 2014 and completed 2 months later. The Phantom was bought in November 2014 and completed 2 months later all in preparation of a apocalypse game I was attending in February 2015."

Photos: Lots of photos on Flickr

Completed Photos

A fantastic centrepiece model! totally stunning. 

 With such a tall model, the pose is difficult to get right (based on what it will regularly be engaging etc). Gavin nails it though!

 The base looks great too.


The whole force arrayed looking fantastic.

The Titans take on the Imperium

What a great first Eldar Phanotm Titan to join the club.

Titan Owners Club


  1. Some very lovely Eldar Titans. And I remember them in the WD as well. Fantastic work.

  2. Really a beautiful army. As much effort as individual Titans are, a well painted, consistent army is just as much a labor of love. Nice work sir!