Thursday, 13 April 2017

Walk after action report - Aedifex Perditae, No.4608

Inload begins…
Esteemed Lord Magi,

As of 0403006M31, The Aedifex Perditae successfully engaged enemy forces on Mallaeus Prime, spearheading an assault to cleanse the tech-hereteks from the world.

Her assault came at the apex of the campaign for the heretek-forges of Mallaeus, engaging the traitor astartes of the XIIth (ref./ World Eaters) and Cyber-Thrall Hereteks of the Mallaean Taghmata. Vid-logs and reports confirm that she was supported by elements of the Taghmata Omyda and VIth Legion astartes (ref./ Space Wolves), alongside her usual Secutarii escort.

Her deployment to the field was a resounding success, with significant kills made by the God-Engine in spite of enemy Knight and Orbital Drop-Assault forces. Using her blessed weaponry, she managed to single-handedly break a charge led by the XIIth’s heavy armor elements, and scour the foul Arch-Magos in charge of the Mallaean Taghmata from the face of the planet.

Data-feedback, supported by Axiarch Arghast’s own readings, indicate she suffered no damage, falling into thresholds typical of general wear and tear. She is currently en route to the Salient Cluster for continued operations, aboard the Ark-conveyor Ophion Alpha-V

Attached below are vid-stills of her in combat, taken by low-flying Stratos Automata and Cyber-Occulari.

Ave Omnissiah,

Archmagos Izak Khortan, Commander, Omydan Expeditionary Forces.
Inload ends. 

Has your Engine been walked recently? If so Why not submit your after action report for us to show?

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  1. Great report, succinct and thematic. Good photos too, thanks for sharing

  2. Glad to hear she had a good walk.

  3. Thanks guys, and I'm sorry about the quality of the pictures. I must've left the servo-skulls' auto-focus off again...