Thursday, 18 May 2017

Reaver Titan No.2609- Pertinax Montem, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 2609
Titan Name: Pertinax Montem
Pattern: Reaver class battle titan
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: Volcano cannon, Power fist, Turbo laser destroyer
Princeps: Arkos Reiser
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: Included in battle maniple is Mars Pattern Warhound-0004190 designate Invicti Magnus (MRT2609, MWH4190, MWH4283- TOC)

Owner: Grayson C.
Location: Idaho, USA
Comments: So, finally got around to getting another addition to my maniple. Actually bought this a month ago, but spent a lot of time cleaning and getting it built and started painting so I could use it for a game not too long ago. I ended up facing a Great Gargant and Big Mekk Stompa with my Reaver and 4 Knights. At the start of the battle, the Reaver weathered a ferocious onslaught from the gargant that stripped 12 hull points, the second round the gargant killed a Knight, and injured the Reaver further another 3 hull points. Finally the gargant smote the Reaver turn 3, but because of the Reaver's steadfast resolve to face the ork machine, a knight gallant was able to inflict 15 hull points worth of damage to the great gargant, destroying the filthy ork technology. The Knights quickly then finished off the big mekk stompa, and victory was the Imperium's. Through his steadfast resolve to weather the onslaught of the great gargant, his name roughly translates to the Stubborn Mountain.

On another note, finally got started with painting a portion of my Warhound as well. The stone affect turned out really well, though I need to finish cleaning up the checker pattern. Will have to sit down and do some more work there after I magnetize the Reaver's arms for different weapon loadouts.

Grayson finished his Reaver Titan, Pertinax Montem!  He had a lot of update pictures to show us in the process.


A very lovely Astorum engine!

With conversion for the turbo laser up top and a special made chainfist.

Great use of heraldry and decals all over.

The Titan's name is shown with pride on the carapace.

Fully ready for war.


A very simple way to add the turbo laser to the Reaver, just go with it.

Grayson didn't like the FW chainfist, so he made his own using the Knights' chainsword.

Complete with decals and a nut and rod system vs magnets.

Another unique base seems to be in the works.

The original look of the power fist, but we know that didn't last.

Beautiful shoulder pad.  We've been promised a tutorial.

So much attention to detail.  And it pops against the metal-flake paint scheme.

The Titan took shape well.  The left leg hints at potential damage suffered in battle and was intentionally modeled that way.  A story to be told by its owner?

A very inventive solution for storage, transport, and weapon swaps.

Grayson had to drill a bit into the shoulder so it would sit flush.  Well done!

Stone sits atop the carapace for the glorious engine.

Red for the Collegia Titanica emblem to honor holy Mars.

The Reaver has its pants on.


A very inventive solution to the chainfist look.


The lovely red box that is the sign of a Titan!

Dangerous weapons adorn the Stubborn Mountain.

The Rite of Construction is nearly finished.

The Rite of Colours has begun.

Parts everywhere, but they will become a mighty war engine.

Pertinax Montem lead the charge against the Orks, though suffered severe damage.

Looking forward to seeing more of this engine- TOC


  1. Looking good, I dig the tone of that blue.

  2. I agree with Nathanial. The tone of the blue is amazing. One other thing I like about it is that it's also metal-flake. That's going to be a sharp finish.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how this comes together! Very promising!

  4. Lovin' that Chainfist and the kneecap diagonal design is quite striking. Great job.