Monday, 8 May 2017

Update Warlord Titan No.326- Avatar Belli, 8-5-17

Paolo brings us further imagery of his lovely Warlord Titan, Avatar Belli.  The legs of this mighty war engine have progressed, and a video graces the article as well.

A nice metallic effect that's been well executed and signs of weathering already display themselves.

Every bit of the legs has been paid attention to.

Very lovely work so far.


  1. That's great! I will Defo try something like this on mine

  2. I love your metalwork - the browns compliment the metal really nicely and you pull it off really well, making the Titan look old and worn without it being dirty as such - I'm having a hard time articulating the effect but it is so awesome.

    Thanks again for sharing your process on this during your last post. I'm really really looking forward to seeing the progress on this. I have a feeling the end result is going to be fantastic!

    1. thank you very much Dan, I really appreciate your words. If you have questions, please ask.