Friday, 12 May 2017

Update Warlord Titan No.539- Pallidus Rex, 12-5-17

Scott recently had some pictures to send on, and quite a lot of work has been done on his beautiful Warlord:

"Hope the day finds you well! Have some images of progress on Pallidus Rex to share with you!  Long way as of yet to go, but He's coming along nicely! Should have my Destructors in this upcoming week as well!..."


Pallidus Rex stands tall and proud, supported by a Knight Crusader.

A lot of progress on the Rite of Colours and fantastic weathering work.

An aged war machine that has clearly seen plenty of battle of late.

Work is definitely progressing on the shoulders and top.

While an enemy feels the Titan's wrath on the bottom.

A lot of paints being used but there is no denying the effectiveness.

This Titan bears the Pallidus Mor colors, with the bone as the primary on this Warlord, and also a throwback to The Punisher.

Getting close to finishing!


  1. Love seeing a proper field worn Engine, nice work!

  2. Great weathering, that's something I am still at sea with, so when I see it done well it makes me jealous! I love the Punisher skull too!