Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TOC Warlord Mentioned on Warhammer Community

Today, Adrian O won the Warlord Titan in Forge World's giveaway and you can read about it here.

A special note about the interview is that one of our own was referenced as the cause of inspiration for the chosen color scheme.  


What Titan House you intend to paint it as?
I’m not sure at this stage, I only have loyalist armies and xenos (heresy I know, but you need something in your showcase for the mighty armies of the Imperium to crush) so probably a loyalist Legion. However, the paint scheme for the Carrion Rex done by Jonathan on The Titan Owners Club may persuade me to go with a Legion of less repute (I may just have to write some fluff about a maniple that remained loyal to the Emperor).
Source: Warhammer Community

Congratulations to Jonathan M. and Carrion Rex for being mentioned in the interview and being an influence to your fellow Princeps.

Here's the engine in question, and there's no doubt about why it inspired another Princeps.


  1. Excellent, look forward to having another Warlord join the ranks at TOC

  2. I plan to add both my reaver and warlord to the TOC in the very near future.

    In my answers to Warhammer Community (WC) I linked the CARRION REX and also mentioned Olly83hammer's Warlord from the Heresy 30K forums, however for whatever reason WC redacted that information.

    I cheekily asked WC about the future releases for the reaver weapons, the possibility of a chaos warlord and any morsel of information about adeptus titanicus however as can be seen by the WC post they chose not answer them.

    I did however receive an answer from FW when asked them how many titans they have sold to date. The following is their answer:

    "It's difficult to be precise as our stock and sales records only go back so far at any one point. For Warhound (of all types) we sold many thousands since they were released, for Reavers we've probably sold around 1500 to 2000 and for Warlords we've sold around 300 to 500 but it could be more."