Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Reaver Titan No.1269 - Ernaline Mori, Legio Mortis

Certificate Number: Reaver 1269
Titan Name: Ernaline Mori
Pattern: Mars
Primary Armament: Gatling Blaster, Power Fist and Apocalypse Missile Launcher.
Princeps: Dabria Janardan
Titan Legio: Legio Mortis
Battle Maniple Composition: Ernaline Mori

Owner: Martin P. 
Location: Devon UK


Work in Progress:

A fantastic head unit. The paint scheme looks as though Martin has followed the Forge World Masterclass guide when it comes to the brass work. Great job.

He has gone all out with the head unit detail too.

Princeps Dabria Janardan has been done justice.

A dynamic base in the making.

The reds have have been done very well with an airbrush.

Here is what Martin has to say: "Here is my Legio Mortis pre HH reaver titan. I always like to paint in sub-assemblies. This is my first Reaver so I'm just figuring out how much needs to be pinned/glued before painting. A few minor things I'll change for the next one but I'm fairly happy. 
Tonight I did a dry fit to see how the colours go together. I think I'll make the red a lot deeper. 
Not at all happy with the oil banding on the main leg piston. I know where I went wrong on that so I'll change the next one. 
Still a ton to do before the legs get glued together."

The brass work has been done very well. I like the subtle changes between the shades that were used.

Ernaline Mori is looking great. Martin is doing a fantastic job with this Titan.

Titan Owners Club


  1. Lovely subtle weathering on the panels and nice Brass work and the graduations on the leg pistons.

  2. Very amazing work thus far.

  3. Looking great! And always good to see another Mortis engine.

    I love the Reaver - it's such a great model!

  4. Love this, really nice work on the paint job and doing all of the extra detail work to make a complete model. So cool!