Saturday, 17 March 2018

The Death of Imperius Terrum Gaming Table

On March 5th, the Death of Imperius Terrum table went active at Warhammer World.  This table features a wrecked (made from miscast parts) Warlord Titan that collapsed in the center of an Imperium city.  What a gorgeous setup, and any gamer would be blessed to get a game in on such a beautiful board.  You can find out more here.

Think the cockpit hit did it in?

Losing a leg certainly doesn't help you to stay alive.

Especially when it's at your hip.  Such a beautiful job on this table.


  1. Beautiful, will see it on May 13th.

  2. It is a beautiful piece of terrain, but somehow it does not compute for me. The right shoulder and weapons arm has just disappeared without a trace... . One third of the titan's upper body has just gone into the ground without leaving a mark. Either the ground is extremely soft or the titan is made up of tin. Also the position of the blown of leg is a bit strange. If the titan was walking forward when this happened the leg would be in the direction of travel. As it is, it would appear that the titan was standing still and that the upper body fell one way and the leg the other way, but the distances looks wrong between the leg and the body for this to have happened like this, at least from the pictures shown. But however you read it it is an impressive piece of terrain and nothing your average gamer would have at home... I envy every one that has the opportunity to play on this board.