Friday, 29 June 2018

Quick post

Can you feel it?  The ground shaking?  They are coming!

Tomorrow is the culmination of over a  year of hard work for myself and Drake after significant amounts of blood, sweat and tears.  In the last year we have each built and painted three Titans, yes six in total, and all will walk tomorrow (and Drakes are finer than mine, the bugger).  We have built numerous bits of scenery, some small, some very big (Drake wins again  this time on Length).  We hope the club members who come enjoy our first UK event, and blog readers enjoy what’s to come. 

The board is mainly set up, and we have the remaining terrain packed and ready too go.

Thanks to ShadowWolf for the support, encouragement, and advice.  The first TOC, which he arranged by himself, was an amazing event.  I hope ours meets the standard set.

And finally a quick message to those I who have requested membership and are waiting for responses, we haven’t forgotten you.  Your posts are coming.