Saturday, 30 June 2018

Walk 2018- Battle Underway!

If you haven't already felt the earthquake going on over in the UK, you'll definitely be able to see it.  Drake and Hertford have amassed plenty of Titan owners and the battle is already taking place.  They've sent us some pictures to show you!

Bone Garland and Custodi Tempestas facing each other down.

Tempestus and Astraman stand together, ready to take their fury to the traitors.

While Mortis and its allies prepare to spill Loyalist blood.

Knights to meet you all.

Now....who could these two be?  Certainly not our dear TOC staff.  And look at those shirts!

Tea, hands up to chins, looking at a giant map....war conference!

A classic "floor war" in the making.

Break down the wall and shoot your enemy!

Lyden P.'s engines are on the prowl.

These are just the early stages.  Still much more fighting to go.  Check back with us throughout the day.


  1. Again, Thank you for a well run and fun day. can't wait to do it all over again.

    1. Thanks for coming John, it’s players like you that make these events the success they are!

  2. Col H, Drake, awesome day of God Engines and Engine Kills! Remember, never underestimate the Armigers... thank you for a great event.

    1. And thank you for coming Siph, you and Lord halfpenny gave probably the funniest moments of the day. Fear the Armiger!