Thursday, 20 September 2018

Mars Warhound AWOC10- Phobos, Manzoku Kihei

Certificate Number: AWOC10
Titan Name: Phobos
Pattern: Mars Pattern Heretic Titan
Primary Armament: Double-barreled turbolaser destructor and Inferno gun
Princeps: The foolish mortal called himself Maertes Nathran, but now we are Sslin’Faeshal
Titan Legio: Manzoku Kihei (pleasure cavalry)
Battle Maniple Composition: Phobos Scouts for the Reaver Titan Hedonista. Info included below

Owner: Brian E.
Location: Texas, USA
Comments: Phobos likes to lurk near cover, using its inferno gun to drive enemies out into the open for Hedonista (AWOC11) to lay waste to with her Gatling cannon and missile launcher. Phobos will also help Hedonista by leaping from hiding and overloading the void shields of enemy titans so she can deliver a killing blow with her Reaver Volcano Cannon. 



A very Slaaneshi Chaos Titan.


  1. Really vibrant pink Titan! Looks great

  2. Nice paint job - would like to see some more pictures of him / her / it in action! :P