Saturday, 1 September 2018

Reaver Titan No.2343 - Magna Avem, Legio Kurogane

Certificate Number: 2343
Titan Name: Magna Avem
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan
Princeps: Angelina Strahl
Primary Armament: Melta Cannon, Reaver Laser Blaster, and Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Titan Legio: Legio Kurogane
Battle Maniple Composition: WLT501, MRT2343, MWH3890, LWH729, Kurogane Titan Guard, assisting Freeblade Knights

Owner: Shadow
Location: Louisiana, USA
Comments: Originally built and painted by DJ M., Magna Avem has been reassigned to the Legio Kurogane.  Small touches have been kept to pay homage to her lineage and she now stands ready to join her new sisters.  How the Legio Kurogane came to receive this former Legio Metalica engine is shrouded in mystery, and some claim that she is a spoil of war from a fight between the two Titan Legions, while others see it as a bond between them.  Whatever the truth, Magna Avem fights alongside her new maniple willingly.




Magna Avem Walks! 

A great colour pallet

The Engine killer.

Melta Cannon looks great!!

Great pose, well balanced.

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A very lovely engine with great Knight support.


  1. Lovely striking paint scheme and accompanying Banner too. Looks great!

  2. Very nice scheme - that's the first time I've seen yellow stripes across the face plating... and I love it!!