Thursday, 13 September 2018

TOC Walk- Battle for the Citadel in a Month!

We're in the home stretch, Princeps and Scions!

Less than a month until the Walk 2018 at Riverbend, and now we hit the one month mark for the Battle for the Citadel!

This Walk will be held at the newly opened Warhammer Citadel in Grapevine, Texas. This weekend of gaming on October 13-14, 2018 will be TOC's first campaign weekend. Like other Walk events, all TOC members are eligible to participate in Saturday's main battle.  Sunday will see the battlefield break down into smaller skirmishes AND expand participation at the same time.  Your actions will determine the fate of the Citadel.


We've been given access to pretty much the entirety of the Citadel as we need it for the event, with plenty of table space. 


The Warhammer Citadel
616 S. Main St.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Setup will begin at 10 AM on Saturday, with dice dropping at 11 AM.  We'll be taking an hour long lunch break, with potential for food provided by TOC, and we'll game until 8 PM to determine the first stage of the campaign.  For lunch, there are also many local eateries located very close to the store.

Sunday morning sees the smaller skirmishes break out as we set up at 10 AM, begin at 11 PM, and game until 6 PM to determine the final fate of the Citadel.

This event may also see "Challenge a Titan Owner" the night before, and there will be extra side games of Adeptus Titanicus.

This event is completely FREE for all players.  You pay nothing due to the wonderful partnership that GW has provided us for this event.

The TOC Walk- Battle for the Citadel is played using 8th edition custom scenarios.  Players will receive the main battle scenario in advance of the date so that they may be familiar with the rules and force makeup.

We will also be allowing Titans to rejoin the the game when destroyed (through a special rule) so it should equate to a day of continuous gaming.

Limitations and restrictions:
All forces must be comprised of Titans, TOC registered super-heavies, Knight Banners, or other suitable models (with prior permission), and their support type elements for the Saturday portion of the event.  The Sunday event will allow non-TOC registered engines and forces that meet the above description to join.  Non-Citadel or Forge World models will not be allowed at this event.  Players that wish to enter, but have not joined TOC may be granted access to the event with proof of authenticity of their models.

Not a member and want to join?  Just head here to get started.

A Facebook event page can be found at:


If you wish to join the mailing lists for the Walk 2018- USA or TOC Walk- Battle for the Citadel, email

Titan Owners Club

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