Tuesday, 30 October 2018

KS0017 - Black Forest Bulwark, House Kreil

The Banner of House Kreil is the first Knight banner to feature a Dominus Class chassis. 

Banner Name:  House Kriel, Black Forest Bulwark
Seneschal: Baron Hermann von Slaza
Knight Seneschal:  “Hochburg” DCa - 2xSeigebreaker Cannons, Sheildbreaker Rockets
Knight Scion:  Sir Siegfried Hofmann  “Warden of the Black Forest” QWa - Reaper Chainsword, meltagun, Twin Icarus Autocannon
Knight Scion: Sir Tristan Vogt “Heremod Ascendant” QCr - Thermal Cannon, Hvy. Stubber, Ironstorm Missle Pod
Knight House:  House Kriel 
Titan Allies: Warhound Mars-4622, Legio Perennia

Owner: Robert C.
Location: Texas, USA
Comments: The knights of House Kreil are based on the heavily forested world of Bronta-Secundus. House Kreil has maintained a close relationship with the nearby forgeworld of Bronta-Median, home to Legio Perennia. The closeness of the relationship is easily seen as House Kriel carries the same colors as Perennia. When the titans of Legio Perennia sortie, they are typically accompanied by at least one banner from House Kreil.  

Here the knights of House Kriel accompany Animus invictus Ferro, a Warhound Titan of Legio Perennia into battle.


  1. The house looks excellent assembled in force there with your Warhound, great work!

  2. Like the Banner...good choice of color sceme....but why is it banner no. 17? There is no 16?!?

    1. Jay:


      The Knight Banner page is not up to date since we have been quite busy. This will be updated when we get the chance.

  3. I like the chevron placement tying them all together... Great work matey!