Monday, 8 October 2018

Walk 2018- USA in Review

After Challenge a Titan Owner at GW: Riverbend and the return of #fearthearmiger, it was time for our Princeps and Scions to sleep and rejuvenate before the big game.  Yesterday certainly did not disappoint.  Six members, five Titans, and twenty-six Knights hit the table.  Two new Knight Banners and an Eldar Phantom Titan were registered as a result of yesterday's matchup and a good time was had by all.

Note: We'll be adding the pictures taken as they come in, so check back over the next few days.


A pre-battle conversation between two participants while having breakfast featured talk of tactics and rules.  The new Adeptus Moostartes were used as an example.

This table was painted by Riverbend specifically in time for the Walk.

Chaz (middle), the Riverbend manager, just chilling with the guys.

The new ruins were also painted up in time for the event, while a TOC member admires the battlefield.

I think there was an earthquake coming.  And the Phantom, which didn't get to hit the field, is newly registered.

Shadow's Titan Guard even made an appearance.

She'll be sporting new colors later, but Phoenix was certainly a sight.

And Magna Avem was also a beautiful fixture of the day.

Shadow's new Secutarii Hoplites, painted by Rene (a friend of Shadow's), looking good in their debut.

And Chaz's own Knight Banner!  Newly registered as well.

The dice officially dropped with the defenders' Legate hard at work thinking about what to do.

An allied Tech-Priest hugging Augusti Fortuna's foot.  

The defenders really didn't seem inclined to hold the city with a gun line.  They sallied forth, meeting the forces of Legio Kurogane and their Knight and Wraithknight allies.

While this potential duel loomed on the horizon, it didn't develop until late in the game.

By the time the smoke cleared, several calls of "Engine kill!" had been said, Banners decimated or crippled, and Titan weapons with new scorch marks from repeated firing.  The attackers won a narrow victory, but the game was only a means to the fun.  We'll have more pictures for you as they come in, but we can tell you that there was a lot of pizza eaten, plenty of laughs, a great time, and a lot of friendships made.


Rose sent in her own photos from the event for us to share with you.

So serious.  I smell tactics being though over.

The Eldar came out to play!

Towards the end of the battle, not a lot of the attackers' models were still in the back.

A swift advance at the start of the game.

So many Knights protecting the defenders' zone.


  1. Epic! Love the Hoplites Shadow! Did they get stepped on?

  2. The Titan Guard (I consider all three units as Titan Guard based on how they are used) didn't move at all. The Hoplites, in particular, will always be there to screen the Titans from melee, so they were off to the flanks and ready to mobilize when needed. I love how my friend painted them, though, and he already knows another 10 will be heading his way later on.

  3. Lovely, great to see a Banner of Legio Astorum Consort Knights too - that's how I'm painting my Banner (nearly ready for Registration... Armigers are too small to count as one, so waiting on the next Questoris first)

    Hope a good day was had by all and new registered Xenos eh? USA must register another Imperial Titan to counter that ;)

    1. We got an Imperium Knight Banner and a Chaos Knight Banner as well. Don't worry though, Siph. We have PLENTY to come in the TOC backlog. We have a good chance of hitting 300 Titans before 2018 ends.