Saturday, 24 November 2018

New 28mm Titan; Warbringer Nemesis

Hi all 

New Titan Chassis inbound. 

Well that’s pretty. 


That’s one big gun. Quake cannon only now, but others inbound. 

Hydra flak batterys?

I like the recoil mechanism/rails. 

Loading mechanism details. 

Parapet detail can be used as a walking fortification. 

Close defence guns. These will help out close up. 

Great Reaver-esque legs. 

Crossed Halberd to signify a Warbringer?

The detail is excellent. 

Overall, it is a fantastically detailed Engine. To me it looks like it’s in the same size class as a Warlord Titan, so will have some umph. It does look like the child of a Reaver and Warlord Titan, so it really fits in aesthetically too. 

Hoping to get my hands on one soon :) possibly next month apparently. 



  1. Someone is compensating ..... Nice engine, I hope to see it in AT18 soon. I'll have to put one in my forecast. Far forecast.

  2. Wow.. Just, wow. The want for one is soooooon real.

  3. I sort of like it. The over all stance and look it awesome, I am just nor sure how I feel about the inclusion of a "fighting platform" on the back of the titan. Tastes a little to much of Imperator for me...

    1. It’s a bit more like an observation platform for the Artillery piece I reckon?

    2. Probably, I hope... but still. Having this enclosed flat surface on top of your "tank" is probably not the most effective way to design armor. Also in a universe with quite a lot of troops that can fly, having a good landing platform for your enemies is probably not to healthy...

  4. Hmm. I was planning on a second reaver, but this does sort of appeal... Admech looked at the Stormsurge and said "analysis: cute"

    I wonder if it is worth waiting for an alternate weapon that was mentioned.

    Melta and Gatling are reaver mounts. Is that a new Reaver Volcano cannon?

    1. From another forum, it sounds like all 4 Reaver guns have been digitally resculpted to make them compatible with the Nemesis.