Saturday, 5 January 2019

Reaver Titan No.293 - Atrahasil, Legio Atarus

Certificate Number: 293
Titan Name: Atrahasil
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Primary Armament: Apocalypse Missile Launcher, Gatling Blaster, Laser Blaster
Princeps: Princeps Naleth
Titan Legio: Legio Atarus
Battle Maniple Composition: Lonely God Machine {Awwh T.O.C.}

Owner: Alexandre M. 
Location: Chartres, France
Comments: Still in work in progress. I must find a Legio Atarus Forge World transfer sheet to finish it... 
{I will see if I can help you with that - T.O.C.}


Work in Progress.

Quite an assembly line! Good to see someone maximising their productivity!

Loving the grey, it has a nice sheen to it.

JB Weld. A Titan Builder's best friend.

Great detail too. Love the rust.

Internal details. Look at those dials!!

Strong and full bodied. . . Titan isn't bad either lol.

Damn that's some fine airbrushing.

Look at that heat bloom and tattoo!!

Great looking Engine. It is coming along so well!!

Titan Owners Club


  1. That is looking really ace, loving the ‘tattoo’ markings on the Carapace, and the internal details are top notch!

  2. That Titan seriously looks amazing.

  3. Fantastic work so far - loving that shoulder plate cog stencil! :)