Monday, 7 January 2019

Update Mars Warhound No.5447- Gloria Aeterna, 07-01-19

Update:The titan is now finally completed! :)

It took around 150-ish hours to put this thing together and paint it. Challenging but well worth it in the end, very proud of this one. Reinforcements to the maniple are definitely being considered, but I'll work on some actual miniatures for a while at least.
Special mention about the cables that attach to the head and weapons: The resin cables were really frustrating to bend and attach properly, so I went for an old USB cable of similar thickness and used that instead {Great suggestion T.O.C.}



What another cracking Legio Atarus Engine. Europe is doing so well at the moment with their progress!!

A brilliant stride, and beautifully highlighted.

 I love all of the metal work and trims. Clearly an accomplished painter too!

Look at that! exceptional.

What a great Engine. You must do more!!


  1. That is indeed an amazing engine!

  2. Blown away by those exquisitely painted interiors - exceptional work! Well done! :)

  3. That looks crazy good, love the internals, like a well maintained machine. Also the nice pulsing Plasma Coils look great.

  4. That is a great looking Titan!

  5. You have done a fantastic job with the painting of this Engine, it's beautiful!