Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Update Tau Manta No.21 - AX-01-21, Shas'O R'myr, 02-02-2019

Mike has completed his beautiful Manta now. As this kit is such a rare piece to see in the flesh or even painted, I would like to say thanks to Mike for sharing.
Well done Mike. You have done an awesome job mate!

Mmmm. New Manta smell! Great airbrushing, even on the internals.

Love the camouflage. So Xenos.

Just awesome. Would love to see it filled up. 

The chipping is just subtle enough. Well done.

Put the lid on her. She's done.


  1. I just need to finish the 48 Fire warriors, 8 Gun Drones, 1 Ethereal, 2 Pilots, 4 Tanks and 8 Crisis Suits to go in it now!

  2. Holy Cow! Great stuff, and I thought holding and painting the Warlord Torso was a tough deal! That looks great and suitably T'au and nice camouflage scheme too.

  3. Speechless. Completely speechless.

  4. Such an awesome job matey; well done! Would love to see an update post when you've completed the (considerable!) crew and passengers! :)

    1. Not to worry, there will be an update at some point! Thinking of instigating a fire warrior tax, where i need to paint one seated fire warrior for every other model I paint. :-)

    2. Now that sir... is a great plan!