Saturday, 16 February 2019

Walk After-Action Reports- We Need You!

Walk After-Action Reports are the chance for you, our members, to show us what your God-Engines have accomplished since you took the helm.  They display your honour, valour, and ability to pilot a fierce engine of destruction.  And of course everyone gets to revel in the destruction that you cause.

These articles are things that we love to do for you, but it's been some time since we've featured them in any great capacity.  What we need is actually the content to create these articles and that's where you can help us.  In the past, we've asked you to send on your epic exploits to us so that we can share them with your fellow Princeps.  Today, we are asking that once more. 

If you want your Titan featured in a Walk After-Action Report, drop us a line at or and we'll get you some extra glory time.


  1. Only recent or since I took the helm? I have a few Walks with my Maniple in the archive :)

    1. Anything you think is worth it.

    2. Shadow, you are missing the ‘t’ off the email link ;)

    3. Thank you, Siph. When I tried to correct it the error continued to propogate. For some reason it just didn't want to pick up that first t. I found a workaround to it, so everything should be good now.

  2. I need to finish up my AAR from like 2 years back. Still in my draft folder. Need to add some pictures and clean up the narrative.