Saturday, 30 March 2019

Warlord Titan No.693- In Courage Clad, Legio Praesagius

Certificate Number: 693
Titan Name: In Courage Clad
Pattern: Mars-Alpha
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament: Volcano Cannon. Sunfire Cannon and Arioch Power Claw we'll be added later
Titan Legio: Legio Praesagius
Battle Maniple Composition: None (yet)

Owner: Richard F.
Location: Utah, USA
Comments: I bought my Titan at the Citadel when I was in Dallas for the new hobbyist expo. I learned to airbrush while building, which made the bigger armor prices much easier to paint. I magnitized the torso and the bolts you can see in some of the pictures are so I can switch out weapons. I'm pretty new to the hobby but I've had a lot of fun building my Titan. 



Excellent stripe work.

Working on the armor panels separately for ease of work.

Excellent start to this engine.

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