Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Introducing Siph Horridus - Titan Owners Club Admin

Hi Titan Owners Club,

May I introduce myself? I’m Princeps Majoris Siph, otherwise known as Siph_Horridus, owner of Reaver 10 “Honorum”, Warhound 10 “Canis Bellum” and Warhound 2974 “Canis Praetor”, plus hard at work fabricating Warlord 104 “Dominus Victoria”.

Siph’s current completed Titans painted by the talented Richard Gray, Slayer Sword Winner. 

I have had the honour of being asked to join the admin team at TOC to help grow and support the best and finest Titan Club in the world (*unverified but I know it!) and look forward to meeting a lot of the Members at the forthcoming U.K. events. 

I gave a run-down of my Titan love in the recent Titan Owners Interview so check that out at your convenience ( but the précis follows. My love of Titans started early on from reading the lore, especially the epic battle of the Emperor’s Palace with Titans guarding the gates and striking out from the walls and with the original release of Adeptus Titanicus with 6 Warlords - I was hooked!

Ever since I first purchased Canis Bellum as a secondhand kit I wanted bigger and better. I was on the phone to Forge World on release date for the Reaver, securing myself No.10 and No.11 for Lord Halfpenny. How I managed to Warhound No.10 as well was by chance. Ommnissah willing! I saw it on eBay, no idea of certificate number. I tried securing Warlord and Warbringer No’s. 10 but only managed No.104 and don’t mention the messy release of the Warbringers... my certificate No.10 is still under a big pile of boxes in a US warehouse I reckon. Haha. I’m now the proud owner of the epitome of Titan glory, the Warlord and have the Warbringer and Lucius Warhound ready to start... so much resin and not enough time.

My Maniple have participated in two major Titan Walks so far, the first being the TOC Walk last year and it was immense! Best day of gaming I ever had so I am really looking forward to this June’s TOC UK Walk where 80 Engines will be battling! Striking out alongside Princeps John H’s mighty Astorum Engines will be a grand sight. Awesome! 

Anyway, I look forward to facilitating at these events for the Members along with the very welcoming and great TOC team, and enjoying a great weekend of Titan battles myself. I am quite evangelical with my love for God Engines and I hope to assist in making these events successful and I’ll continue to comment on as many TOC progress posts as possible!

Finally, a little about me, online I keep myself to myself, a Government employee, so I keep it to just hobby chat, but meet me in person and we’ll have a good old dit sesh... I live in Hampshire you can see from the TOC Global Battlefield maps (must now remind Shadow to put a link to them in the Blog Top Bar or Resources Tab) and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible - Traitor, Xenos scum and worthy Loyal Servants of the Emperor! Even my arch enemy Princeps Tesarius and his gorgeous Fureans Demi-Legio.

Warp Runners Rule!


  1. Princeps, are you trying to make more work for me? I'll put them in the top bar when we're done being snowed under, which is why we are glad to have you. :) Welcome to the team.

  2. Thanks for sharing! One question: are you using standard WH40K rules for your engagements or the new Adeptus Titanicus ones?

    1. Princeps Paladine, we will use AT rules but adapted to 28mm scale that TOC has tweaked (so about 4x distances and HUGE templates...) for the June TOC UK Walk. Previous UK Walks used 40K rules but we will try out AT rules this year now they are out and known.

    2. Oh, that sounds very interesting! Hope you have a great time.

  3. Thank-you everyone, its a privilege to help out this fine club and walk in the shadow of Giants (giant God Engines!) like Drake, Col H, Shadow, Tesarius, Tagg and Lord H... hopefully between us we can share our love for Titans and benefit the growing community!

  4. Congratulations again Siph. You rock.

  5. Welcome brother princeps! Such an awesome addition to the team! :) not long till june brother