Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Walk 2019- USA: Northeast Region in Review

What an event.  2019 started off with a bang for the US Regions and we got a picture dump from our Regional Coordinator there, James C.  We're going to show you the best pictures from the event and pass along some of what he sent us:

"The Northeast Region Clash held at Games and Stuff today was a great way to place a spotlight on Games Workshop Knights and Forge World Titans, as well as the Titan Owners Club. When people walked into the gaming area they came to a full stop to admire the sheer amount of Titans and Knights combined in one place. 

The entire building was abuzz about the Titans in the gaming area. Walking through the store and gaming area the store owner and staff members conversations were generally related to the Titan Owners Club holding our regional event there.  There were numerous people who walked in to talk to us about our Titans and ask what group we belonged to. As soon as they saw the Titans, they asked to take pictures and typically sent them to someone somewhere would also enjoy the pictures. 

There were many people who said that the only reason that they came into the store that day was because they were told or found out online about Titans being there. The event itself was a blast, pun intended. The sheer volume of firepower on both sides of the field saw god-engines dying left and right.  The god engines of Legio Crucius and House Chesapeake ended up getting the win 34 to 24 over the god engines of Legio Astorum."  

Excellent job, Northeast Region!  Can't wait to see what you do in 2020.


James C., our Regional Coordinator, and Jeff of Games and Stuff pose with the models that fought that day.

This Knight of House Chesapeake has a lofty target in mind.

Astorum guns had their aim on the Legio Crucius all day.

The honoured tradition of everyone posing with the battle's engines.

And a goody that everyone got for attending!


  1. Wonderful array of Titans! Great stuff USA South East! I’m even more excited about what the U.K. Walk will offer in Jun! Can’t wait!

    1. And Astorum Rocks! Haha. Great turn out Brother Princeps

    2. Siph,

      Not your fault on the Southeast thing. Completely my bad. I'll get the name changed to reflect the right region.

    3. Oh, North East too! Lol. My geography of specific states is dreadful... Regardless of Geography, Awesome to see Astorum Engines walking!

    4. As I hear it, Astorum put up a great fight. :)