Saturday, 6 April 2019

Warlord Carapace Lasers Unboxing

Laser weaponry tends to (but not always) define the Nemesis subclass of Titans, particularly the Warlord.  The most infamous loadout of a Nemesis type Warlord Titan is what is affectionately known as a "Laserlord", where it's two Belicosa Volcano Cannons and carapace mounted laser blasters.  Today, we unbox the Warlord Titan carapace laser blasters.

White box of awesome, including barcode and QR scan.

Two bags and the colored instruction booklet.

The pistons and the laser barrels are well designed, and the pistons are not likely to break in transit due to how they were cast.

Some giant chunks of resin there, but it will also make building the body easier.

Overall, the quality of the kit was good, though there were mould lines than previous Warlord kits, and one of the barrels was bent a bit funny despite the thickness of it.  It was a good kit, and the mould lines, while not great to deal with, were still workable.  Building this beast is a different matter and Shadow was unable to take pictures of it, meaning that a build article for this weapon may take some time for us to get to.

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  1. Keep the vents off the barrels, they make great tank traps! Turbo Lasers for the Win everytime! Although, if playing AT28mm, the Apoc Launchers come back into usefulness at stripping void shields. But in 40K, can't beat Laser Blasters!