Sunday, 26 May 2019

Ta'unar Supremacy Armor KX-139-07, Farsight Enclave 1st Defence Cadre

Certificate Number: Not Applicable (KX139-07).
Titan Name: Eternal Firetide
Pattern: KX139 Ta’unar
Head Unit: Not Applicable
Primary Armament: Pulse-Ordinance Multi-Driver, Tri-Axis Ion Cannons 
Princeps: Cadre Commander O’Sairis
Titan Legio: Farsight Enclave 1st Defence Cadre
Battle Maniple Composition: Not Applicable

Owner: Harry C.
Location: Oxfordshire, UK
Comments: As someone relatively new to the hobby, having played Dark Angels for a few years before starting my T’au army, I decided that I would finally treat myself to owning a titan of some description, and since I now had a tau army, I thought it would be fun to get what I consider forge world’s best model of all time, the KX139. I always wanted to own one of these, and am of course very excited to finally be able to, however I am doubtful of the paint quality, sadly [You have done well Harry! T.O.C]. I have never been an expert painter, and while it is fair to say this is my best painted model, and I still have quite a way to go. Not really sure what else to put in the comment section, but hopefully TOC appreciates my KX139, the new centrepiece of my Farsight Enclave army!



Great colours.

Really looking forward to fighting some T'au Engines eventually.

Strong Pose. Very stalwart.

Thanks for sharing!

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