Monday, 17 June 2019

Apocalypse and Titans- How Will the New Expansion Feel?

So, the new Apocalypse expansion is coming and we're all wondering how it will play.  There is some early promise in that damage is now resolved at the end of a turn, meaning you'll definitely get to fire with your God-Machines once.  But what else is coming?

Warhammer Community dropped a bit of info on us yesterday, but there is still much to see.  Check out the article and the video and let's see what you guys think.

Do you think this means you'll see more use of your Titans in local games, or are there other gears turning in your head about it?



  1. Detachment alternative turns sounds a lot like AT, so happy with that, I expect a Titan will be its own Detachment, and this breaks up the whoever goes first wins as they wipe out half the enemy... Apoc and 40k both suffer from that. Maybe this is a test bed for changing the you go - I go mechanic of 40k in 9th Edition?

  2. will be interesting to see how this plays.. the 'I go, you go' style of play is definitely the way forward rather than whoever has T1 auto wins..