Sunday, 7 July 2019

Titan Owners Club UK Walk 2019 - Showcase pictures

Hi all

Here are some fantastic photographs from the UK event which happened on the 29th and 30th of June 2019.

The line up!

Pre-Start photographs:

Terminal maniple banners are revealed - Every kill will be immortalised for this and every other upcoming event, by adding kill markings to the chequers/diamonds.

Event dice were wrought!

Roller Banners for the Loyalists . . .

 . . . . and Traitors (so there is no confusion to which side you are meant to be on lol).

Kill Banners are mounted to the terminals.

Engine specific cards (scaled up to 28mm scale for measurement purposes) are cut out and mounted to the terminals.

 Dice bags were created to help keep the dice with the gamers. We actually made 4" - 40" D10 scatter dice too.

Siph Horridus ready for battle!

Lord Halfpenny repping Legio Crucius, ready for war.

 Variations to the rules are explained.

Then the now yearly tradition of passing the Tesarius Baton. The previous year's event general passes on their baton to this year's new Tesarius.

Colonel Hertford passes the title on to Lord Halfpenny.

Drake passes the Traitor's baton on to Lyden.
 The Tesarius test the strength of each other's hand shake. . . .

The initiative roll off and deployment roll.

The line up (not everyone had a Legion banner, but will when they are updated/designed by Forge World).

The Engines Walk

 The battlefield:

How the command terminals were designed / laid out. They were created in a way where it was not needed to flip the cards over when weapons were destroyed.

50% off Pizza order for the win!

The Loyalist Tesarius Baton.

The Traitors Tesarius Baton.

Thanks to all those who attended. We hope to see you all at the next Walk with more Engines for more Engine Kills!

Titan Owners Club.


  1. A glorious weekend of Titan gaming!

  2. Was an excellent weekend and so many gorgeous models to drool over while waiting to roll dice - what could be better?

  3. So awesome - can't wait for next year!!

  4. This Is literally my dream. One day I aspire to attend an event like this. Unfortunately I live in Australia but one day I'd like to make the journey to see this in person.